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chocolate poured in the Czech Republic

I can resist everythink, except temptation

Oscar Wilde

Neither resisted we. And in 1996 we started to distribute a sell chocolate products.

After a long-term cooperation with a Slovenian company Gorenjka followed cooperation with an important Polish chocolate factory Baron. Finally, we decided to set up our own brand called MASHA.

MASHA chocolate is poured in the Czech Republic using blends made a Belgian company Barry Callebaut, which is the world leader in cocoa beans processing and has a 170-year-long tradition.

How do we make our chocolate?

We use two kinds of blends to pour chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a minimum of 53 % of cocoa mass and milk chocolate a minimum of 32 % of cocoa mass. Both kinds are valued for their delicate velvet structure and balanced taste. This is given by the fact that all the parts of the chocolate blend are mixed (so called conched) for many hours. Therefore, the chocolate particles are smaller than the distance between the taste buds in human mouth. At the same time, all undesirable sour elements evaporate.

After adding the exact amount of cocoa butter and natural vanilla we get chocolate which belongs to one of the best in the world. We want our chocolate to be real chocolate, not sweetened fat.

Do you feel like having some CHOCOLATE?

Here we are for you and this is our offer


We offer 100 g and 20 g bars of chocolate and different kinds of pralines. Our chocolate is real chocolate, not sweetened fat.


Do you need to refresh the product range in your shop? Try our chocolate wrapped in stylish old-time style covers! We import high quality blends of higher-middle class from a Belgian company Barry Callebaut.

Your own design

Your own design on the chocolate cover. You can use your own graphic design or we create it according to your wishes. This way, you will make an original present for your employees or business partners.

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